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Woman charms bird with lovely lullaby

A bird landed on a young woman's finger and was struck by her lovely singing voice.

Hawaiian crows return from extinction in wild

The 'alalā went extinct in the wild in 2002, but a captive breeding program is preserving hope for the species.

Watch a comb jelly snack on a friend

Illegal pot farms are endangering spotted owls

As unpermitted grow sites and recreational marijuana use expand, researchers say the lack of regulatory oversight will only exacerbate the problem.

15 things you didn't know about manatees

These gentle giants of the ocean love warm springs and swimming solo.

9 photos celebrating the snowy owl irruption

Snowy owls are traveling unusually far south this winter, as they also did in 2014, when a photographer caught these endearing images.

At 67 years old, Wisdom the Laysan albatross lays another egg

Wisdom the albatross is amazing at 67 years old and still raising babies.

Bird spikes in trees ruffle feathers in England

'Extinct' marsupial rediscovered after 100 years

The crest-tailed mulgara was once a common sight in New South Wales deserts before other predators edged it out of the habitat.

Scientists have found the weirdest dinosaur that ever lived

The halszkaraptor looks like it was cobbled together from a penguin, a duck and a swan. Next Page »

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