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This is the best claw game prize ever

A sleepy cat surprises claw crane machine players with a yawn.

22 things you didn't know about hedgehogs

Beyond their undeniable cuteness, there's a lot more to discover about these wonderfully odd creatures.

Oysters can hear — and other strange things you don't know about them

You might be surprised at what you don't know about oysters, and what we're still learning about these simple bivalves.

Oh, I know ewe! Sheep surprise scientists with facial recognition skills

Results from new study show the animals have advanced facial recognition comparable to humans, monkeys, and apes.

Marine experts dash to Alaska to help save orphaned baby beluga

Whale experts from all over the country work together to save an orphaned, injured baby beluga in Alaska.

What is a 'kleptopredator'?

Cratena peregrina sea slugs wait for the their prey to eat before attacking as a way of getting two meals in one go.

Beluga whale learns dolphin language

Feral cats in Australia kill 7 animals per day

Researchers in Australia strap cameras on feral cats to track their kills.

This 'flock of sheep' was actually an unprecedented gathering of polar bears

Zoom in on this supposed image of sheep on a hillside and you'll be in for quite the surprise.

A dragonfly nymph's mouth is the stuff of nightmares

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