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11 alarming facts about sea-level rise

The ocean is rising faster than it has in 3,000 years. Here's why you should care.

14 islands threatened by climate change

While rising sea levels ultimately influence the entire planet, they pose the greatest threat to the islands sitting at sea level.

6 ways you know it's crazy-cold outside

Mysterious blue snow falls over parts of Russia

What is lake-effect snow?

The weather phenomenon is known for unleashing large amounts of snow in a short period of time.

Watch an ocean of dreamy clouds roll through the Grand Canyon

The latest from the SKYGLOW project captures the Grand Canyon during a full cloud inversion.

Iceberg more than 4 times the size of Manhattan breaks away from Antarctica

Satellite images confirm another massive iceberg has split from Antarctica, this time from the Pine Island Glacier.

11 records Hurricane Irma has broken (so far)

​How the Amazon triggers its own rainy season

Until recently, it’s been a bit of a mystery as to why and how the Amazon triggers its own rainy season, but new research has revealed the reason.

Why is sunscreen a threat to coral reefs?

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