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This interactive crosswalk “puts pedestrians first”

Of course, much depends on who is programming it, but some interesting ideas here.

Futuristic airless tire is 3D printed, won’t go flat or need replacement (Video)

These smart, air-free tires can be retreaded at any time using 3D printing.

DIY dome homes built from AirCrete are an affordable & ecofriendly option

How a battle over a stop sign becomes a symbol of everything that’s wrong in a city

Richard Florida, who usually thinks macro, gets very micro.

Innovative prefabricated bamboo trusses hold up this new sports hall

Marrying the traditional material of bamboo with modern engineering, this impressive sports hall in Thailand was constructed without steel reinforcements or connections.

BIG shows us that infrastructure can be beautiful

This is an incinerator. It burns garbage. It's stunning both in how it looks and how it works.

Winners of the INDEX: Design to Improve Life Awards announced

LA painting streets white to reduce urban warming

Too much sunshine getting your city hot under the collar? Send it back into space.

Deep Performance Dwelling built in Montreal for Solar Decathlon China 2018

It's urban, Passive House and prefab. What's not to love?

Picks and pans from the INDEX: Design To Improve Life Competition

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