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Urbanists call for a non-aggression pact among cities competing for Amazon’s HQ2

They say that cities should compete on the basis of the underlying strength of their communities, not handouts.

Building science expert says we should prepare for the coming Stucco-Pocalypse

Why does anyone actually build with this stuff?

Amazon’s Spheres open in Seattle

Jeff Bezos said “Alexa, open The Spheres” and it evidently worked.

This prefabricated house in Spain took five hours to erect

Using modular components pre-made in a factory, this modern home is airy, light and adaptable.

Man downsizes from 250 to 54 sq. ft. ‘expandable’ mobile tiny home (Video)

His "big" tiny home of 250 square feet was too big, so he's now moved into a tinier but more flexible home that can travel with him.

Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, dies at 91

Ingvar Kamprad changed the industry, making good design affordable, accessible and desirable.

Clad in 546 brooms, this micro-office is a monastic haven for work

This mysterious, hairy structure hides a calm and quiet interior for focused productivity.

Airy chapel held up by tree-like fractal structure in Japan

This chapel looks to nature and the generations-old tradition of Japanese wood joinery for inspiration.

Nomadic home prototype built out of a shipping container (Video)

A contemporary design for an earthquake-resistant, modular home.

On Stanley Jevons and LED lights

And why LEDs are different than other ways of improving energy efficiency- we keep finding new ways to waste energy.
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