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Cashews in the raw are not what you'd expect

Do you know what the yummy, creamy cashew nut looks like before it's harvested from a tree? It's almost unrecognizable.

Cinnamon could be the key to burning off some of that holiday fat

The truth about soy and tofu

How real should 'fake' meat and dairy be?

From somewhat reminiscent to actually "bloody," the thinking on alternatives to meat appears to be split.

I ate the much-hyped, meatless Impossible Burger and it was good

Our writer taste-tested the much-hyped meatless Impossible Burger and thought it was good ... but not quite great.

Salmon farmers have an unsavory lice problem

'Peel Back The Label' tackles fear-based marketing on food products

The new campaign from America's Dairy Farmers makes some good points — and some questionable ones.

What foods paired well with the eclipse?

Pinhole cameras weren't the only thing people created for the eclipse. They also made eclipse-themed foods.

Oprah launches line of healthy comfort foods

O, That's Good! soups and side dishes include a healthy twist of unexpected vegetables and beans.

Why are thieves stealing cheese?

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