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Food deserts are just one aspect of a larger inequality problem

New study says lack of access to healthy foods is just one piece of the inequality puzzle.

7 foods that are good for your heart

You may know what not to eat to keep your heart healthy, but do you know what foods to add to your diet for a happy heart?

Does it really make a difference if you tear or chop vegetables?

If you want to get the most nutrients out of your veggies, don't worry about gaining polyphenols or losing nutrients. Just eat them.

The amazing health benefits of turmeric

Part of the ginger family, research has found the plant to be a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Here are some more health benefits of turmeric.

What do all those food seals mean?

Why you should care about the grass cows eat

Cow poop from fields where cattle graze prove there are fewer nutrients in the grass these cows eat — and that affects how they grow.

How to break your rotisserie chicken habit

Rotisserie chickens are convenient, but there are reasons you may want to save them for emergency chicken needs only.

Weird foods from the '50s, '60s and '70s

Take a look at some vintage recipes that make us wonder, "Who ever thought that was a good idea?"

Cashews in the raw are not what you'd expect

Do you know what the yummy, creamy cashew nut looks like before it's harvested from a tree? It's almost unrecognizable.

Cinnamon could be the key to burning off some of that holiday fat

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