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How sustainable will the Winter Olympics be?

Olympics officials are trying to make February's Winter Games in Korea one of the most environmentally friendly gatherings ever.

Wildfires couldn't drag this mail carrier away

Drone captures USPS mail carrier delivering mail in a Santa Rosa neighborhood destroyed by wildfires.

Ecosystem hidden for thousands of years found underneath calved iceberg

Why we should accept our ecological state for what it is, not what we want it to be

Ecologist Chris Thomas, author of 'Inheritors of the Earth,' asks readers to look at what we gain through environmental losses.

How do you clean up the world's coasts? One volunteer at a time

Each year during the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup, thousands of people remove trash from local waterways.

The benefit of dirt roads

In Arkansas, attention to thousands of miles of unpaved roads has helped clean up streams, ease the threat to endangered species and benefited everyone.

This 12,000-ton pile of orange peels is now a lush Costa Rican forest

Experimental conservation project involving orange peels regrew pristine forest faster than anyone thought possible.

Ghost-like 'skeleton flower' turns transparent when it rains

World's largest honey bee makes rare hallucinogenic honey

100-million-year old flowers found perfectly preserved in amber

Researchers find 100-million-year-old flowers preserved in amber that were likely dislodged from trees by dinosaurs. Next Page »

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